Three inescapable observations form the foundation of this report. First, deadly conflict is not inevitable. Violence on the scale of what we have seen in Bosnia, Rwanda, Somalia and elsewhere does not emerge inexorably from human interaction. Second, the need to prevent deadly conflict is increasingly urgent. The rapid compression of the world through breathtaking population growth, technological advancement and economic interdependence, combined with the readily available supply of deadly weapons and easily transmitted contagion of hatred and incitement to violence, make it essential and urgent to find ways to prevent disputes from turning massively violent. Third, preventing deadly conflict is possible. The problem is not that we do not know about incipient and large-scale violence; it is that we often do not act. The final report is available at Google Books.
Citation: Preventing Deadly Conflict: Final Report (Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1997)
Program: International Peace and Security
itel Preventing deadly conflict: final report with executive summary
Armenian Research Center collection
Författare Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict
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Utgivare Carnegie Corp. of New York, 1998
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Preventing Deadly Conflict: Final Report